You’ll be able to view the VIP live stream
HERE on September 18th 12:00 pm MT.


Every year, our annual, regional and seasonal events bring amazing opportunities to reconnect with our top Modere leaders and to greet new and up and coming Social Marketers. It’s a powerful way to share our vision for the future that we are building together throughout the year. In 2020 however, we’ve experienced new challenges to our usual way of doing things.

Given the existing concerns around COVID-19 and the ongoing guidance from the CDC, as well as difficulties affecting travel between international borders and the varying travel guidelines by individual state governments, we have made the difficult decision to move all in-person events occurring from now through the first half of 2021 onto a virtual platform.

This was a tough call to make, but our priority is the health and safety of our incredible field, employees, and all who help to make our in-person events so successful, and it’s our goal to always provide the best experience possible. While we explored other ways to keep the in-person component of our events intact, it is important for Modere to host inclusive events that are accessible to all who may otherwise be unable to participate under the current circumstances.

Please watch for additional details of our plans in the coming weeks. In the meantime, thank you for your patience and understanding as we plan and prepare to make our upcoming Modere events the most valuable experiences possible.